Public Speaking Techniques

Public speaking techniques are at their core simple techniques. Simple techniques, which if applied correctly, can be used to abolish that phobia that’s been holding you back. I want to let you in on a few techniques you can use to take your public speaking to a whole new level and improve your stage presence. Once you’re comfortable with these techniques take them and combine them with the short Public Speaking Exercises.

Visualise the Success

I know this might not be common for some of you, but, believe me when I say there’s a reason that countless top athletes, musicians and artists around the world rely on this method. Once you have prepared you speech and practised it a few times I want you to do something for me. Just sit down somewhere quiet and visualise yourself giving the absolute perfect speech. Take your time with the speech and really feel the positive emotions! Do it as often as you feel you need to, but notice how it impacts you when you are giving the speech for real, I bet that you will feel a million times more reassured than before. Let me know in the comments below! The trick behind this technique is that your brain can’t differentiate between conscious and unconscious thoughts. So as you visualise the success your unconscious mind is associating positive thoughts and confidence to your speech.

Relate the Speech

Trust me from bad experience; nobody wants to hear a generic speech that could have been delivered to any audience. You have to entice the audience and connect with them; the only way you can do this is to make the speech relevant and context aware. Here’s the killer tip, if possible research your audience before you start preparing your speech, this way you can really understand exactly what they are expecting from the speech and hopefully you’re the right person for the job! For advice on how to relate your speech to an audience perfectly read this killer guide! Once the audience are onside your anxiety will reduce tenfold I guarantee you!

Never Apologise

This one is less of a technique and more of a rule which I live by. Never apologise when you are up there on stage. Don’t apologise if you haven’t had enough time to prepare and most importantly don’t apologise if you make a mistake; the truth is nobody wants to hear it. Now you might be thinking, that sounds a bit harsh Tom but let me explain. When you apologise it undermines your performance because people automatically associate negative connotations that you’re not ‘the expert’ and most importantly it makes you feel bad. Remember even if you do screw up chances are nobody even noticed anyway!

… Makes perfect

And so the old adage goes, practice makes perfect. And the reason for proverbs is that they have lasted for generations because they ring true. I’ve saved this one until last for a reason and that’s because nobody wants to hear it and most people ignore it; will you be the one who doesn’t and steps up your public speaking game!? Just practicing your speech will remove a lot of your anxiety because each time you practice you are improving and this will give you confidence when you are on stage because you will have confidence if you own ability to complete the speech.

I hope the four techniques above really help to crush your fear of public speaking!

Wishing you your best success,

Tom Woods

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